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Libraries are one of the most overlooked yet lucrative markets to sell your books, eBooks,
and other information products!

There are over 120,000 U.S. libraries.
Just think of the sales potential.

The problem is breaking into this market can seem difficult, if not impossible.

I mean librarian buying psychology is much different than the rest of the marketplace.

Everyone told me, “It’s Too Hard to Sell Your Books, eBooks, Audios and Videos to Libraries.


That’s because they don’t know what librarians want and don’t want, or the several key factors needed before librarians decide to buy books. That’s why it’s difficult for them!

See, librarians don’t have time to teach people. So how is anyone supposed to know?

Book Lock

Most writers—especially self-published authors—keep trying and trying to open the “library lock” without knowing the keys to success.

You must know the inner workings of libraries, or you’ll struggle, waste time and money, get discouraged and feel rejected.

Is this comprehensive online program perfect for you?

  • You want to sell more books that won’t get returned.
  • You think it’s too hard to get your books and eBooks into libraries.
  • You want to sell more books that won’t get returned.

The Secrets of
The Lucrative Library Market
Finally Exposed!

Now you can learn the secrets as to WHY librarians choose to buy books, including self-published books!

Plus, insights from authors who succeeded in getting their books into libraries with a new online comprehensive program with a “combination” of reading, audios, and video, for you to know how to get your books into libraries.


Follow my easy step-by-step, online course that reveals to you how to get results.

This is for writers with completed books, and also for authors who are still writing their books.

I’ll lead you by the mouse to help you get your books sold and onto library shelves.

This comprehensive course has everything done for you to help published AND self-published authors.

If only I had this course sooner . . .

My Pain is Your Literary Gain


ElaineWilkes EverythingGeniusHi, I’m Elaine Wilkes, PhD, and a published AND self-published author. (Having a PhD means I’ve spent waaaay too much time in libraries! LOL)

Anyway, I learned what libraries needed —AFTER our book was already done.

We could have sent that book out till the cows came home from the library, and all the librarians would have rejected it. Wanna know why?

First, we didn’t know they want hard covers for kid’s books (not adult books) – not paperback books. So we fixed that. Got a hard cover book. Had to re-shop prices and go to another company to get it done.

So we’re all done. Right?


Then, we discover they want the title on the spine. Our kid’s book had 42 pages. Our printer will only print titles on the spine if the book’s 48 pages or more. Six more pages! That’s a total redo!!!

Geez—adding six more pages (really 12 front and back) to a finished book is a harsh, costly, time-eating lesson.

And that’s just one example. There’s so much more!

It took me months to find these new secret strategies and systems.

I thought, “Wow, others would want to know this!” So I created this comprehensive program where I can pull back the curtain of how the library industry really works.

I also interviewed three librarian buyers for close to 90 minutes who tell me exactly what they want and do not want.

I feel sorry for authors who submit their books to libraries and don’t know all these requirements.

Wow. It must be so disappointing and disheartening!

They probably think librarians didn’t like their book, when the authors simply didn’t know what the libraries wanted.

Don’t make these morale-sucking mistakes spinning your wheels going nowhere.

Learn from my blunders – and the errors of other authors.

With this course, you’ll have a greater likelihood of finding library buyers who want your book. And buy it!

This comprehensive program will show you everything you need to know. You can do this too!

Why the Lucrative Library Market is Vital for You:

  • Your books are non-returnable
  • You reach a new market
  • You get more easy sales
  • Helps to share your message
  • Your readership and fan base increases
  • You’re helping readers who otherwise couldn’t get your book.
  • It’s so fun to have your book in libraries!
  • But, it’s even more fun when it’s checked out! 🙂

Author Warning


Here’s what you get in this comprehensive, “nothing like it” online program:

  • Distribution info and links (It would take days to collect all these pertinent links.)
  • The reviewers librarians trust and use. Plus their contact info!
  • Learn about getting distributors to sell for you. All their contact info is included!
  • Avoid frustrating, time consuming, costly mistakes.

Insider Information:

  • In-depth insights about what librarians like and don’t like in order to buy your book.
  • Hear from published and self-published authors who have succeeded in cracking the library codes. Learn how you can get your books into libraries — like they did!
  • How to get even your eBooks, audio, and DVDs into libraries.
  • Learn the deal-breaking do’s and don’ts—including sample emails that got librarians to buy.


How To Create Buzz Like a Bee:

  • Secret words that “work like magic” to get library buyers to buy your book.
  •  How one author got one library to order 100 books.
  • What you absolutely need in your emails or letters to libraries to increase your success. Even sample email that got librarians to buy.
  • A 40-page guide on what you need to write winning emails. Learn how multi-millionaires write winning emails. One email can be the difference between a yes and no. Learn why these people are getting yeses — and how you can too! 
  • Know all about speaking at libraries, and other creative things you can do to help sell your book. Now you can even speak virtually without leaving your home!


Check out these three FREE bonuses!

bonusesBONUS 1:

The Wow-O-Wow Gift!

  • Address and phone contact info for over 30,000 libraries!  Helloooo! PLUS, we spent hundreds of dollars and 120 hours to get their emails!!!This bonus is valued at least $399  – do an Internet search— you’ll see this price is for real.This bonus alone would make the entire price of the course a beyond amazing bargain that’s going soon.
  • See the screen shot of the hours in finding just the emails, since we already found all the contact info, which also was time consuming.

bonusesBONUS 2:

Fast Action Guide
Everything you need to know all distilled into a fast action guide.


bonusesBONUS 3:

Listen to an interview with a New York Times best selling author. What’s it like to appear on The Today Show?

Laura Schroff, author of An Invisible Thread, shares her journey of getting her first book to #3 on Amazon of all books sold, and being on the New York Times best selling list 26 times. Her attitude is incredible.


One-time investment – Use it forever!

You can quickly and easily get your books into libraries! This is your chance to finally getting ahead in the library market. These are the answers you’ve been looking for.

This is a one-time only investment – but you can use the course forever.

Get started instantly now — Pronto!

I only press this urgency because I don’t want you to miss the opportunity of making sales to one of the most lucrative, underrated markets in the book biz.

You can get started at anytime, anywhere, and go at your own pace.

There’s no technology to know. It’s super easy to follow. Anyone can do this.

So, how much does the Super Secret Library Course cost?

Shhh!  We’re talking about libraries here . . .

Not $297 (The 37,000 librarian contacts alone is worth that much.)

Not $197

Just $97!

It took weeks for several bookworms to collect all this information. And you have it instantly.

The time you’ll save searching for all these references and secrets, even if you make minimum wage, will far outweigh your ONE TIME ONLY INVESTMENT. Just in the time this saves you, is more than you’ll invest in.

Why reinvent the wheel and figure it all out for yourself, when you can cruise ahead having it all done for you, knowing what libraries really want?

You’ll save money and frustration by knowing exactly what works, rather than winging it and hoping (fingers crossed) it works.

With this content-packed library formula, you can easily make your money back with just a few library book sales, or library speaking gigs discussed in the course too.

Any way you look at it, this comprehensive program is a bargain.

This complete course is available immediately after purchase online.

You will instantly receive your login information after purchase to access the online resource center full of audios, resources, step-by-step instruction, and much more.


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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get this and go through it immediately. If after 10 minutes, you don’t feel you’ve already gotten your money’s worth . . . I DEMAND you contact me . . . and I will return every penny of your purchase . . . quietly and promptly . . . No questions asked. You only stand to gain by acting on this immediately . . . Better still . . . take a full 30 days and at any time, for any reason, and within those 30 days you’d like your money back, contact me, and I’ll return every penny of your purchase. You only stand to gain when you invest in this right now.



Library Course Recap

Victoria Andrew Owner and Director of Words Prevail, LLC

  • Step-by-step How-to, Blueprints & Strategies
    (Watch your books fly “on” library shelves.)
  • Resources, guides, audios and video
    (Stop wasting valuable time and money)
  • Reap untapped profits from a source most authors overlook.
    (We make it easy)
  • PLUS: Three valuable free bonuses (valued at over $500)







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