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Which of these 15 COSTS would you like to eliminate?
  1. Business accounting costs
  2. Credit Card Processing Fees
  3. Recurring Shopping Cart Fees
  4. Webinar Presentation Costs
  5. Recurring Helpdesk Fees
  6. Image and Graphic Design Costs
  7. Recurring Hosting Expenses
  8. Web Site Development Fees
  9. Software Automation Costs
  10. Recurring Autoresponder/List Builder Charges
  11. TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) Autoresponder Charges
  12. Mobile Site Builder Costs
  13. Publicity Costs
  14. Social Media Tool Expenses
  15. The Cost To Drive Traffic to Your Site
Save Money on Marketing Tools

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it...

Copy-Protected Downloadable PDF eBook

As a marketer or business owner HALF your battle is making money and the other HALF is figuring out how not to waste money. Right?

Problem solved... the following list of 20+ Zero-Cost tools will get you thinking. Better yet, I've just completed a massive list of the best zero-cost marketing tools: 25+ Categories, 200+ Pages, 240+ Screenshots, 38+ Megabytes, over 237+ nuggets of gold, and 3 bonus sections... all neatly compiled in a handy desk reference eBook (Copy-Protected Downloadable PDF Edition). But first... just THINK about it...

The Top 20 Zero Cost Marketing Tools
(Thought Provoking Samples from this Eye Opening eBook)

  • Think "Quickbooks" for zero (a $249 value)... only this software is better. A lot better.
  • Think "Paypal" for zero (that's right, no transaction fees)... amazing solution stops Paypal or Authorize(.net) from chewing away at your profits.
  • Think "BigCommerce" for zero (a $24.95 a mo. value)... yes, a platform just a good yet it won't cost you a single dime.
  • Think "GoToWebinar" for zero (a $99 a mo. value)... why waste your money when there's another solution?
  • Think Facebook apps like "NorthSocial" for zero (a $29.95 a mo. value)... why pay extra? 12 killer Facebook apps. You name it, it's totally zero-cost.
  • Think "Zendesk" help desk for zero (a $29 a mo. value)... customer support has never been so good with an alternative solution that costs nothing.
  • Think "Photoshop" for zero (a $699 value)... count them: over 30 alternatives with no money out of your pocket.
  • Think "Hosting" for zero (a $9.95 mo. value)... no-cost hosting has always been a dream. Not anymore (includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited domains, SQL, site builder, one-click WordPress and 55+ totally free scripts. No-ads, no-catches, no-hassles.
Dan Hollings, Internet and Mobile Marketing Expert "Dan Hollings reduces everything to ZERO"...
Internet, Mobile, Social Media & more.
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 Zero Cost Marketing Meets Reality.★★★★★
100% zero-cost marketing becomes a reality with this desk reference. Highly recommended. Updated for 2016, 2017 and today.
~ Gary P. - Hollywood FL

 My experience to date leads me to the conclusion that Dan is the most knowledgeable marketing trainer on the planet. It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity of learning from him.
~ Phil S - Melbourne, Australia

 Dan Hollings makes internet, mobile and social media simple. Following his step-by-step "how-to" makes taking action easy.
~ John W. - Birmingham, MI

 Dan is 100% responsible for me turning my formally out-of-date business into an intensely exciting and cutting edge business catering to todays marketplace.
~ Josette W. - Vancouver, BC Canada

 I appreciate the way Dan has put together this resource. Easy to understand and implement and just "down to earth" usable.
~ Susan C. - Sacramento Ca

Table of Contents: Zero Cost Marketing

BONUSES: Zero Cost Marketing

BONUSES: Zero Cost Marketing

Review of Zero Cost Marketing Secrets TOOLS Desk Reference

Keep Thinking...
  • Think "Make Affiliate Money" for zero... perhaps it sounds wild, but you can now get approved for 17,000 affiliate programs in one-approval process and activate them all with one snippet of code. Works on any site or blog. It's all zero-cost, of course.
  • Think "Contest" automation for zero... we've all heard the stories about how contests generate traffic and leads, but a truely premium-class Contest Platform for ZERO... no way! Get it now, instant contests, rewards, giveaways ALL without investing a dime.
  • Think "Landing Pages" for zero... as a marketer, half your life is creating landing pages. I bet this zero cost landing page builder beats the socks off any you've seen (stand-alone or WordPress versions).
  • Think List Builders like aWeber or ConstantContact (a $19.95 value) for zero... Send 12,000 emails a month plus everything you expect in a top-shelf auto-responder. Best of all, you'll pay zip.
  • Think "Mobile Site Builder" for zero (they typical range from $9.95 to 39.95 a mo.)... not any more! You will build the best mobile site you've ever seen in 30 minutes or less without spending a penny (no distracting ads either).
  • Think "TEXT Messaging" for zero (plans often start at $19.95 and go up)... not this secret SMS autoresponder service. It starts at ZERO and stays there.
  • Think "QR Code Generator" for zero... there are plenty of o-cost QR code generators out there. But do you know where the BEST one is?
  • Think "PRweb" and press releases for zero (an $89 value)... Yes, PRweb is great, but flushing $89 on every press release is crazy. There are 60 zero-cost alternatives. We list them all.
  • Think "Gamification" for zero and get social interaction on your site... it's traditionally a complex and expensive proposition. What the heck, it can actually be done for zero in less time than it takes to shuffle a deck of cards.
  • Think "Social Media Tools" for zero (how much money are you wasting there?)... what if you instantly had access to 30+ tools (all for zero) that did virtually everything you needed done at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the others. Yes... 50+.
  • Think "Google Analytics" on steroids for zero... I'm sure you're laughing because everybody knows Google Analytics costs nothing already. But... are you getting live heat maps and recorded mouse tracking. It's almost magical to see your visitors interact LIVE on your pages. Yep... zero.
  • Think "Amazon Books" for zero... you're likely thinking I'm half drunk to be writing something like this!? But one simple trick reveals how to get over 400,000+ "marketing & business related" books for absolutely no cost.

Stupid is as stupid does...
If you could reduce your marketing costs to zero, do you think you'd find a better use for your new found money?
If not... ask your accountant or your spouse.

Download the entire "Zero-Cost Marketing Secrets" TOOLS Desk Reference (Copy-Protected Downloadable PDF Edition #1 in Series) today for $97 (a $197 value) plus get evergreen updates for just $9.97 a month.

Features: 25+ Categories, 200+ Pages, 240+ Screenshots, 38+ Megabytes, over 237+ nuggets of gold, and 3 bonus sections. Guaranteed to save you money every time you crack it open. Exactly 700 eBooks will be released - that's it.

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Zero Cost Monthly UpdatesYes it's EVERGREEN! Your "ZCMS" TOOLS Desk Reference will be updated as new resources are discovered. In other words, it never grows old, it never gets out-of-date, it never becomes useless. In fact, this treasure trove of ZERO will increase in value while doubling-down on your cost saving, revenue generating benefits month after month after month! It doesn't get any better than this... you'll make more money and spend less while your competition gets overwelmed with never ending expenses.

Zero Cost Bonuses Banner

(for Marketing Consultants - FREE)

Niche Business ListYour "ZCMS" TOOLS Desk Reference will include the TOP 80 niche markets (list). If you want to make money helping clients who are in any of these TOP 80 niche marrkets, this TOOLS Desk Reference will become the most valuable resource in your marketing arsenal! Like a grinning Cheshire Cat, you can collect recurring fees for consulting, tools and services you provide with your underlying "secret" costs at ZERO. That's a 100% profit.

(for Small Business Owners, Authors and Marketers - FREE)

Citations Your "ZCMS" TOOLS Desk Reference will include an exclusive Copy-Protected Downloadable PDF Guide revealing all of Amazon.com's ZERO COST Marketing & Business eBooks. These books are "nearly impossible to find" without this guide:
  • 3,818+ Zero Cost Kindle "How-To Sell on Amazon" Books
  • 16,861+ Zero Cost Kindle "Marketing" Books
  • 5,893+ Zero Cost Kindle "Internet Marketing" Books
  • 4,721+ Zero Cost Kindle "Social Media" Books
  • 314+ Zero Cost Kindle "Mobile Marketing" Books
  • 1,303+ Zero Cost Kindle "Affiliate Marketing" Books
  • 2,762+ Zero Cost Kindle "Real Estate" Books
  • 279+ Zero Cost Kindle "Real Estate Agent" Books
  • 410,502+ Zero Cost Kindle "Book Publishing" Books
(for Site Owners, Marketers, Authors, and Small Business Owners - FREE)

Advertisment DiscountYour "ZCMS" TOOLS Desk Reference will include access to a discount coupon (value subject to change: $50 to $100). Once you meet Google's guidelines you may use this Adwords "credit voucher" to promote your new website up to the face value of the coupon at zero-cost. This offer is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with a billing address in the United States or Canada. Only one promotional code per customer. Bing discount coupon also available.

ZCMS Marketing TOOLS Desk Reference OWN YOUR
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Download Your Zero Cost TOOLS Desk Reference Now
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